“Javasploitation” is a series of six¬†of illustrated labels that satirize the history and practices of the coffee industry. The labels reference the visual language of coffee labels typically found in popular coffee house franchises. Bright cherry colours and expressive designs attract the eye to an otherwise dark message. There is a theme of generalization which is present in the designs.
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Treasure Fish

In this digital painting, a fish steals a string of pearls from an unknown origin. The pearls could be mistaken for bubbles and the iridescence of the pearls are reflected in the scales of the fish, reflecting on a subtle theme of symmetry. The fish might be stealing back what rightfully belongs in the underwater world.
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Ingrid & Minka

A vectorized illustration style is used to exaggerate the proportions of these two female characters who each assume the role of a stereotype. Large heads and small bodies draw the viewer into their eyes, which say the most about who they really might be.
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